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Success Stories

Connecting with Unfiltered Movement is hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. Jennifer provides wholistic wisdom for every area of your life. Her methods are real and raw yet practical. Her Counseling sessions have changed my life. Even when I'm not in a session I can hear her words of wisdom ringing in my ears throughout the day. She has a way of changing your methods and your mindset without you even realizing it. I'm forever grateful. 

Dr. ,M (LA)

There are times when you are in need but just don't know it and then there are times that you are in need and just don't know where or what the answer is. 


I am so grateful that I was able to find my answer and everything I needed in The Unfiltered Movement.


As someone who is always looked to for strength and guidance, it is not often that I can find someone to be vulnerable with and build me up when I need it. If you can relate, then this is definitely the place for you.


This judgement-free, safe space not only allows you to release things that you are worried about, stressed about or have been holding in and dealing with in private, but it also pours wisdom, knowledge and love back into your life so that you don't just feel better but you ARE better after each segment. 


If you are ready to be transparent, real, unfiltered and raw, then book your session NOW! NOW!

T. Faith (NC)

Jennifer Hankins is absolutely phenomenal. She brings together wisdom and knowledge gained from years of both life experience and coaching others. She is so thoughtful and caring that you walk away knowing that she truly cares about you and your situation specifically. She provides personal insights like no one else I've encountered. I'm so grateful for her and for what she is able to pour into the lives of others.


The times we are currrently living in make it hard to trust people.  We observe people saying and doing things we never thought we'd ever hear or see.  In times like these, consistency is and dependability is key.  People who meet Jennifer can see these qualities acted out in her life almost immediately.  There are not many people I can personally say I trust completely.  However, Jennifer Hankins is definitely one of them.  

T. Taylor, AGNP-C (GA) 

The character behind the name and the person speaks for itself. Unfiltered Movement is in fact a movement for all that desire to be better. I have been taught through simple conversations how to accept who I truly am.  Who does this? I did not know before this Movement that I could be healed and trust again.


I have known the CEO and Creative Director Jennifer for years. Her name precedes her because of the work she has done in the community, city, county, and even other states. Unfiltered Movement’s testimony is profound and she can be trusted. This is the part that makes the difference with others. Not only do I trust her and her words, I trust the God in her to do what is necessary for any individual to be free. 


Book your session now.

G. Moore (FL)

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