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Jennifer Hankins
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Jennifer Hankins is an energetic vessel who loves people. Her zeal for the others has been shown throughout her life. Prophetess Jennifer is a native of Louisville, GA. At a young age she began teaching and playing the piano for local ministries. Before being called into the preaching ministry, Jennifer birthed a Mentoring program for youth and a Women’s Ministry for women of all ages.  She is currently a licensed and ordained Elder of the Gospel.  

She currently is the CEO and Creative Director of Unfiltered Movement, LLC. This company reaches millions with either her life-changing counseling sessions for all ages, detailed vocal lessons, and even her cosmetic line for the sexy and savvy woman that's soon to open. Jennifer is a certified Life Coach, a Relationship Workshop Facilitator, and has a Fully Accredited Professional Child Psychology Diploma.  She is also the owner of Jemicole Management, LLC along with her husband, Chef Kaalum Hankins Sr. She graduated from Columbia Southern University obtaining a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Degree.

She is blessed to be the Founder and CEO of great ministries such as Let’s Do Ministry- geared to the Kingdom of God, ProtectHers- focused on women of all ages, status, and backgrounds and Hey Wifey- a 30 minute girl talk for wives. Over the years, she has been devoted to helping build and advance the kingdom of God by helping many ministries through the Word of God, Music ministry, and a great deal in showing love. Dedicated to the vision of God, Jennifer currently travels where God says go.

She and Chef K have 2 young kings. Kaalum Jr., "The Promise" and Kayson "The Healer".  She loves the Lord and desires to create a ministry that will break barriers and cause the hearts of people to be changed. She feels it is her assignment to find a way to compel others to Christ - “winning the soul at all cost.” Jennifer longs to share her knowledge with others by helping them to understand what real ministry is about! (Romans 8:28)

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